THAILAND - Asylum of Beaches

Thailand is a country located in Southeast Asia somewhere at the centre of the Indochinese peninsula. It is the 51st-largest country in the world. It has around 66 million people residing here forming up to be the 20th most populous country in the whole world. Tourism is one of the sectors that boost the economy of the Country, the other two being the manufacturing sector and the agricultural sector. Thailand is one of the most sorted destinations in the world by the tourists as there are ample historical places and monuments, scenic nature and captivating beaches. The traditions of culture are very dear and an integral part of their society, some of which are quite possible to slip off your mind or just hard to maintain, like strictly sticking to spreading and maintaining a positive environment in the work place or anywhere by talking politely and not getting angry. It is a good practice though for the environment and your health. People speak different languages here like Thai, Yunnan and Hainan but with the tourist they converse in English only.

Beaches in Thailand

Thailand is gifted with hundreds of islands which homes some of the finest beaches in the whole world. There are thousands of them to be precise but there is a few which will take your breath away and leave you wanting for more. The turquoise waters, the clear blue skies, the silvery sands and a glass of pinnacolada, what else would you wish for to relax. You could get engaged in the water sports I you want something more energetic like scuba diving, banana boat ride, jet skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, kite surfing, wind surfing, snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, white water rafting, etc. And as the sun goes down nothing in the world could beat the romantic ambience of the beaches. It would be perfect to take your lady out if you are about to pop the big question. You could even have the wildest of parties with your friends right here in the warm, soft sands of the beaches. Some of the famous beaches of Thailand are;

  • 1. Hat Sai Ree, Ko Tao
  • 2. Ao Hinwong, Ko Tao
  • 3. Laem Thian, Ko Tao
  • 4. Ko Nang Yuan, Ko Tao
  • 5. Hat Pattaya, Ko Lipe
  • 6. Hat Sai Kaew, Ko Samet
  • 7. Ao Nuan, Ko Samet
  • 8. Ao Hin Kok, Ko Samet
  • 9. Ao Noi Na, Ko Samet
  • 10. Ao Sang Thian & Ao Lung Dum, Ko Samet
  • 11. Ao Khung Kraben, Chanthaburi
  • 12. Lonely Beach (Hat Tha Nam), Ko Chang
  • 13. Hat Khlong Phrao, Ko Chang
  • 14. Ao Kao, Ko Mak
  • 15. Ao Suan Yai, Ko Mak
  • 16. Ao Phra-Ae, Ko Lanta Yai
  • 17. Ao Bang Bao, Ko Kood
  • 18. Ao Phrao, Ko Kood
  • 19. Ao Thong Nai Pan, Ko Pha Ngan
  • 20. Ao Sone, Ko Tarutao
  • 21. Nai Harn Beach
  • 22. Phranang Cave Beach
  • 23. Kata Noi Beach
  • 24. Freedom Beach
  • 25. Railay Beach
  • 26. Thong Nai Pan Noi
  • 27. Kata Beach
  • 28. Thong Nai Pan Yai Beach
  • 29. Bottle Beach
  • 30. Sunrise Beach

Some Famous Places

Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai was the first ancient capital of Thailand. Sukhothai Historical Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is five hours north of Bangkok and can be accessed on a bicycle, car, or you could just walk as it would allow you to take our own sweet time to explore the place while enjoying the panorama of the place.

Monkey Temples of Lopburi

This is an offbeat tourist spot. The place is known for housing the ancient ruins, most of it, are not been restored. People also come here to offer prayers in the temples, which is full of monkeys, hence the name Monkey Temples.

Koh Lanta Island

This is one of the most gorgeous islands of Malaysia and has the most elegant beaches which pleases you not only with the scenic beauty but also with the adventurous water sports.

Khao Yai National Park

This Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the third largest National Park of Thailand and the oldest one. It is full of life with number of plant and animal species surviving there. Asian elephants, white-handed gibbons and the giant hornbill amaze the visitors here.

Golden Triangle

The Triangle is located in the spot where the Mekong River separates Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. This is a spot worth stopping by on your way to the Hall of Opium Museum as it is surrounded by picturesque nature.

Long Neck Hill Tribe Villages

This is one place on the earth that you should not miss to visit. The place, the people here, their traditions and culture, their dresses and their cuisine, everything about this place is so much fascinating. The name is literally because the ladies here have long necks, purposely made long by wrapping brass coils around their necks probably at a very early age.

Ayutthaya Historical Park

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an intriguing historical park. The place which used to be the capital of Siam long time ago was destroyed by the Burmese by burning it. Few structures survived which got buried under which was later again excavated, the ruins now has become a stunning archaeological park.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

This is something you will not get to see in rest of the world, this is the reason huge bulks of tourists flood the market every year to witness this amazing sight. It is just like the normal market completely functional with food, souvenirs, clothing, and fresh produce, only floating in long tall boats.

Elephant Nature Park

A day in this Park will give the animal lovers some quality time and memories worth cherishing for life. The Park was built to rescue elderly, and the injured Asian Elephants. It is also a rehabilitation center for abused elephants.

Tiger Kingdom

This place ill offer you the rare opportunity to get real close with the fierce. Where else on earth will you be able to look in the eye of this fearless predator from a finger’s distance. If the thought gave you goose bumps then this is probably the next destination you should head out to.