NEPAL- Home of Mountains

Nepal is a country located in central Himalayan in South Asia, bordering China and India. The lands of Nepal is covered by very fertile plains perfect for vegetation, hills full of forests and number of elegant mountains out of which eight are among the world’s tallest ten mountains, one of which is the ever gorgeous Mt. Everest, the highest on earth. Nepalese make the most of the population of Nepal so the language spoken here is Nepali. The tourists are approached with English though. Another fascinating thing about Nepal is that Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism was born here, in a place called Lumbini. Hinduism though is the most followed religion here. Politically the country is quite not stable, as it is still in that adjust and develop state with its recent transition from monarchy to republic. However the country is progressing everyday as they are strictly moving ahead in line with their aim of elevating from the status of least developed country by 2022. Nevertheless, the tourism sector of the country has always been booming and still does. Thousands and millions of tourists go to this country every season of every year. It’s because the place is full of interesting things to offer from unique cuisine, to intriguing tradition, to various scenic places for you to enjoy and vast nature for you to explore.

Mountains in Nepal

Nepal is the home of the world’s tallest mountain, the mighty and the ultimate, Mt. Everest. The mountain lovers would do just about anything to get to this place. Along with this Nepal also homes seven of other tallest mountains on earth, how about that? This is a bit too much for the mountaineers to handle. Part of The huge Himalayas also rest on this country sealing it to be the ultimate destination for adventure. Some of the mountains in Nepal are;

Mount Everest Earth's highest
Kanchenjunga 3rd highest on Earth
Lhotse 4th highest
Makalu 5th highest
Cho Oyu 6th highest
Dhaulagiri I 7th highest
Manaslu 8th highest
Annapurna I 10th highest
Gyachung Kang between Everest and Cho Oyu
Annapurna II  
Himalchuli 18th highest
Ngadi Chuli First ascent 1970
Nuptse 319 meters prominence from Lhotse
Dhaulagiri II  
Dhaulagiri IV  
Dhaulagiri V  
Annapurna III  
Jongsong Peak  
#57 in the world  
Churen Himal  
Kirat Chuli  
Nangpai Gosum  
Gimmigela Chuli First ascent 1995
Chamlang #79 in the world
Dhaulagiri VI  
Putha Hiunchuli  

Some of the Famous Spots

Annapurna Conservation Area

This is the home to some of the highest peaks of the world, along with other wonders of nature. This Conservation area is to preserve and maintain the natural and cultural resources of Nepal.


This is a beautiful and remarkably clean city located at the foothills of the Mahabharata range. The city also serves to be an important pilgrimage centre. You will get to do a lot here like go exploring the serenity of the city on foot as the air and the roads are impressively clean and you will not a spot a single stray dog in the streets, just a few domestic dogs taken in as pets and you get lot of great quality clothes, foot wears and other accessories here to shop.

Garden of Dreams

It is also known as the "Swapna Bagaicha". There is something about the environment and the ambience of this garden. You immediately feel relaxed, your senses de-stresses and your systems de-toxes. The garden though built in the 1920s still hasn’t lost its charm.

Taudaha Lake

The lake is in Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. Offbeat tracks will lead you to this enchanting lake as it is located in the outskirts of the city.


This is a mountain peak surrounding the Kathmandu Valley. The name means the place of flowers, and so it is. The view is picturesque with varieties of flowers blooming boasting off their vibrant colors.


This is a historical bazaar which has been famous for decades. The place is the destination for the shopaholics as there is nothing that you will not find here.


The place was known to hold some fine preservation of the olden times, till a recent devastating earthquake destroyed it all. Now you will find many craftsmen and women weaving cloth and chisel timber near the roadside. Besides this the largest kingdom of the Kathmandu valley, will not fail to mesmerize you with its breath-taking looks.

Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve

This is the only hunting reserve of Nepal. The lands of which are mostly covered by 'Dhor', meaning, marshlands. The reserve actually was built with the aim of protecting some important and endangered species Religious fair is held here during the month of August.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The Reserve often known as the "Paradise of Birds" is the home of around 493 species of exotic birds and the ultimate place to be for all the bird lovers. Along with colorful birds you will also find peace here.

Sagarmatha National Park

This Park is the home of the beloved Sagarmatha, more popularly known as the Mt. Everest. It also houses other smaller mountains, glaciers, and valleys that give the place a glamorous touch. The place is inhabited by the Sherpas who are untouched by today’s wicked virus and there is no proper road to access this place, so if you want a change then this is what you should go for.