MALDIVES – Garland Islands

Maldives is a South Asian island country, located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of 1,192 coral islands grouped in a chain of twenty-six atolls and is situated in the Arabian Sea. It happens to be the smallest Asian country and also the world's lowest country. At this height, the country remains at a threat to be completely submerged under water in few years to come. However, the initiatives are being taken. Fishing is another sector that boosts the economy of the city, the main one being Tourism. In spite of life being so fragile here the ever welcoming silver beaches, super friendly people and the underwater world is what attracts thousands of visitors every year. The Maldivian waters home a variety, 187 species, of vibrant coral reefs, which in turn are home to a variety of marine ecosystems that vary from plank tonic organisms to whale sharks This area of the Indian Ocean, alone, houses 1100 species of fish, 5 species of sea turtles, 21 species of whales and dolphins, 400 species of molluscs, and 83 species of echinoderms. The area is also populated by a number of crustacean species: 120 copepod, 15 amphipod, as well as more than 145 crab and 48 shrimp species. The Sponges found here have become important and popular as five species have been proven to have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties. The country also happens to be the least populated with around 345,023 people. The culture of the country is greatly influenced by Arabia. The common language is Dhivehi, however the visitors are given a warm welcome with garlands and prettiest of smiles and English is the language used to make conversation.

Maldivian Waters

The waters of Maldives is the home to the most vibrant, the most diverse and the most out of the world marine life on the planet. Every diving expedition and excursion gives you a unique experience as every reef site is completely different from one another. You will discover a diverse eco-system full of life with coral gardens, sea fans, starfish and hermit crabs. Go deeper and you will get to go real close with the most amazing water creatures like the sharks, stingrays, dolphins and turtles. The awesome topography of the surrounding North Male Atoll and Vaavu Atoll swim-through channels, caves and large overhangs that provide you with the opportunity of exploring the astonishing marine life. Here are some of the marvelous creatures that you will encounter with up close;

  • 1. Majestic Whale Sharks
  • 2. Gentle Giant Rays
  • 3. Rare Whales and Dolphins
  • 4. Barracuda
  • 5. Butterfly Fish
  • 6. Clown Fish
  • 7. Angel Fish
  • 8. Long Nose Hawk Fish
  • 9. Oriental Sweet Lip
  • 10. Spotfin Lion Fish
  • 11. Parrot Fish
  • 12. Lagoon Tiger Fish
  • 13. Bluestripe Snapper
  • 14. Reef Manta Ray
  • 15. Whitetip Reef Shark
  • 16. Bluefin Trevally
  • 17. Big Eye Jack Fish
  • 18. Black Jack
  • 19. Sandbar Shark
  • 20. Orangeback Angel Fish
  • 21. Peacock Hind
  • 22. Coral Grouper
  • 23. Bi-color Parrot Fish
  • 24. Threadfin Butterfly Fish
  • 25. Bluelashed Butterfly Fish
  • 26. Triangle Butterfly Fish
  • 27. Napoleon Fish
  • 28. Five Lined Cardinal Fish
  • 29. Malayan Chromis
  • 30. Schultz's pipefish

Some Interesting Places to Visit

National Museum

The National Museum showcases the historical artifacts like the manuscripts, arms, ornaments and many costumes worn by kings and queens of the country enabling you to know more in depths about the rich history of Maldives.

Banana Reef

This reef flaunts the most exotic marine life. It also serves to be the most popular diving destinations in Maldives. The name is derived from its shape, It looks just like a banana.

Alimatha Island

The Island is a place with a 5-star environment. It has a rich, lush green vegetation and number of other stunning sites around to offer, like the aquarium, snorkeling, state-of-the-art diving and a central beach with world-class facilities.

Manta Point

This serves to be the excellent diving point for experienced divers as well as the new ones. The visitors will not be disappointed in any way. Added to that, you will get to witness the astonishing site of Manta rays being fed and cleaned by Wrasses.

Jumhooree Maidan

Also known as the Independence Square, this republic square was set up in 1989. It is blessed with abundant nature with rich vegetation and eye pleasing greenery. It attracts plenty tourists from around the world each year.

Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque

The name comes after the builder of the mosque, who was an emperor long time back. The interiors of the mosque are very intriguing and fascinating. It has walls of coral with carvings of different kinds of patterns and Quranic scripts. The mosque was also known as the oldest Friday Mosque.

Utheemu Ganduvaru

The island lies in the north of Maldives. It used to be a residence of Sultan Mohamed Thankurufaan, who was considered one of the heroes of the Maldives, for his heroic actions.

Biyadhoo Island Resort

The beach is known for its peaceful ambience. Apart from serving as a relaxation hub, the waters of the Island also serve to be a good water sport destination like diving, snorkeling and many others.

HP Reef

This is an exceptional diving spot. It provides you with number of stunning coral reefs to explore. You will get to encounter with wide range of marine life beneath the deep blue sea.

Sun Island Resort and Spa

This is the second best spot of Maldives. You will simply fall in love with this stunning beauty. It is the most luxurious resort with 1st class comforts and facilities. But the lush green exotica, spotted with rich colors of tropical flowers and the elegant lagoons complete the magnificence.