DOOARS- A Wild Escape

Dooars is a small village which is mostly flood plains lying south of the great Himalayas and north of the mighty river Brahmaputra and stretching from River Teesta on the west to River Sankosh on the east. The place had remained unknown to the world for quite a long time until not very long time back its rare beauty was discovered and the word spread, across the world. Today it IS rapidly gaining more and more attention of the tourists from around the world. Dooars is especially famous for its exotic wild. This is a perfect place to be for those who have a huge appetite for adrenalin. You can get really close with the nature while enjoying the jungle safari riding an elephant as you will encounter number of other animals that are probably just crossing the forest or are out in search of food. You will get the raw feel of the jungle living amidst the jungle in a bungalow located right in the heart of the jungle. You can also go for a white water rafting as there are rivers gushing down the hills forming white foams and just enough current to get you excited. The first habitants of the place is believed to be the Mongolians, but today the place is inhabited by different races of people of which Nepalese and Bengalese form up most of the population and they are quite friendly.

Jungle Safari in Dooars

Jungle Safari in Dooars is the most incredible feeling that you can ever feel. This is the kind of feeling that one must feel once a lifetime especially if you are the adventurous kind and are always looking for something new and different. Now all of us are not luck enough to get the feel of the Amazon but you can get the same feel right here in India in this little yet unbelievably amazing place. Dooars. Well, there are two ways that you can take the safari into the jungle. One is by Jeep and the other one, riding on an Elephant.

Safari by Jeep

Getting deep into the jungle on a jeep is equally exciting one. The jeeps shall be arranged when you get there but the thing to note is that if you reach there late hen your safari shall be arranged the next day. The drivers are already well experienced and they know every nook and corner of the jungle so they will not ail in making your safari the most memorable one. But while you are on a Jeep Safari you may not be able to get to see the beautiful animals that the jungle is full of, could be because of the sound of the engines, or maybe the look scares them. However if the luck favors you, you will definitely get at least a glance of the animals.

Elephant Safari

An Elephant Safari beats it all. The ride itself is so exciting and is a whole new experience. It gets even better as we proceed further into the wild. The sound of the trees, animals and birds, and the rays of the sun falling on you after a second’s gap all the way into the forest are truly hypnotizing. The ambience of the jungle will immediately get you and soon you will be under the spell. Another advantage of Elephant Safari is that you will surely get to see some of the rare and exotic animals that too from an unbelievable distance and you can always stop to capture the priceless moment in your camera or a phone.

Some Amazing Places


This is a small village on a hilltop of Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary, amidst thick greenery of Cinchona plantation. Its main attraction is the bungalow situated right in the middle of the forest.

Mahanada Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary spreads across the lower catchment area of river Mahanada. The sanctuary is famous for being a home to some rare species of animals like one horn Rhino, Bison, Elephants, Tigers, Leopards, Sambar and Cheetals.

Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary

The sanctuary is known not only for its rich bio diversity serving as a home for many species of Elephants and Bisons, but also for a watch tower situated in the premises of the sanctuary as it provide an excellent view of the entire sanctuary. The view is really impressive.


This spot is 45 km away from Alipurdua and is famous for its picturesque beauty. It is close to river Raidak that borders Bhutan. This place definitely deserves to be in your must visit places list.

Buxa Fort

This is another spot around Alipurduar, in Buxa Tiger Reserve. It is around 30 km from Alipurduar. It is famous for the ruins of the Detention Camp which was once used by the British Government for detaining freedom fighters of our country.

Gorumara National Park

The Gorumara forest was declared as a sanctuary in 1976 and was recently declared as a National Park. This Park is yet another park home to the Great Indian One horned Rhinoceros, Elephants and bison's. Another special thing about the Park is that there are forest bungalows with 2 rooms, 4rooms and 2 dormitories with basic and modern amenities, on the banks of river Murti, amidst the abundant nature available for stay.

Sumsing and Suntalekhola

This is the place to be for all the nature lovers as this place offers you a perfect getaway into the lush nature. Far away from the pollution and the honks amidst the ambience of the thick forest you will find your peace within the nature.

Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary

This is one of the famous forests of Dooars housing the largest majority of the rare one-horned rhinoceros in India. It also homes various other species of animals, birds and reptiles.

Lava – Lolaygaon

Lava, boasting the panoramic view of the Jelep La and Reche La passes, is situated at a convenient distance from the Neora Valley National Park. Its rich vegetation holds plenty of Oak and fir trees, making the walk down its roads a pleasurable one. Before accessing the depths of the forest, you need to take permission from forest department.


This border town is a gateway to Bhutan from India. It offers many scenic sites to stop a while in and the whole path to the place itself is quite a pleasurable one with beautiful, picturesque mountains and hills water bodies.

Neora Valley National Park

This is one of the richest biological zones of the entire Northeast area, with rich and diverse flora and fauna. Its undisturbed virgin forest is what attracts tourists around the world. It’s most famous attraction is the adorable yet sophisticated Red Panda.


This is an Indian state located in the north east states of India. It also serves as the gateway to Bhutan. It is a home of the highest peak of Jalpaiguri, the Chota Sinchula. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of the Buxa Hills and Bhutan Valley from here.

Rasikbil Bird Sanctuary

The name of the sanctuary is named after a lake called Rasikbil, in Cooch Behar district of West Bengal. This is the home of variety of birds, with its low water land or marshland. Some exquisite species of birds that dwell here are cormorants, ibis, parrots, owls, storks, lesser whistling teal, shoveler, wigeon duck, small blue kingfisher and gadwall.

Dalgaon View Point

This view point offers a breath taking view of the entire Dooars. Apart from the picturesque view the place also offers the visitor plenty of scenic spots around to visit. And last but not least, the place offers a wide range of water sports and trekking options for you to get indulged in.

Paren Village

This is yet another place which is abundant with greenery. The village is small with extremely friendly people to guide you into the village and into the cultures of the place. Walking around the place would be ideal to grab most of what the place has to offer.